Extra-Curricular Opportunities

At St. Margaret Mary we have utilised our extra-curricular clubs this year as catch up for the children. In KS1, children will be revisiting their phonics knowledge and focusing on their reading development. In KS2, children will be focusing on core maths skills such as times tables, place value and the four operations.

Day Year Group Learning Led By
Monday Year 6 Maths Mr Mulligan and Miss McCarron
Monday Year 4 Maths Mr Barton and Mrs Coates
Monday Year 2 Literacy/Phonics Mrs Hesslegrave and Miss Mochan
Tuesday Year 3 Maths Miss Pritchard and Mrs Attwood
Tuesday Year 4 Violin Mrs Davis
Thursday Year 5 Maths Miss Young and Miss McInerney
Thursday Year 1 Phonics Miss Parkes and Mrs Jones

Non-Covid Times

In normal times, these are some of the clubs that we run for our children:

Artistic Study

In Artist Study we focus on a different artist each week.

We are exploring different mark making techniques. We will be using a variety of materials to create images including felt pens, pencils, chalks and oil pastels. We will be creating abstract pieces of work and working on self-portraits.

Computing Club

Computing club focuses on coding and debugging using robots, laptops and iPads. Children will be given a chance to program a bluebot and debug algorithms.

In order to extend our coding knowledge further, the children will also be using BGFL365, Scratch and Code.org to learn coding language.

Design Technology Club

Design Technology Club involves both design and make skills.

Each week children will be given different activities related to the Seasons, Current Topics or Special Events. Activities will include drawing and labelling diagrams, constructing with a variety of tools and materials and evaluating final products. Children will have opportunities to work both individually, with a partner or as part of a small group.

Allowing children to be creative and to use their imagination will make for a fun, exciting DT Club!

Humanities Club

In Humanities club the children are given different activities related to their current history topic in school.

The children use different sources from laptops and books to research their chosen area and then produce work linked with this.

Humanities club particularly focuses on British History, exploring the lives of the Kings and Queens and England and delving into the lives of ordinary citizens in these times.

Netball Club

Netball Club is for all boys and girls that would like to improve their skills and learn to play a full sided game.

Children will learn how to throw and catch consistently and accurately, using the correct technique. Children will learn how to apply the footwork rule and shoot. Children will also learn the rules of the game and the positions.

Science Club

In Science Club we are focused on discovery! We enjoy conducting different investigations and taking part in scientific challenges.

Who can build the tallest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows? Who can make a boat that will stay afloat the longest?

We will be striving to answer all these questions and more each week.

Sports Club

We play a variety of different team games challenging each other to find the best tactics to win the race, we work as a team and enjoy playing games which are for a challenge for everyone.